Event Vending Terms & Conditions

Who gets priority for event bookings?

Bungalow 968 reserves the right to manage the events, vendor selection, curation and booking system. Past vendors will be placed in priority and we will have a percentage of spaces allocated for first time vendors. We recommend applying in advance for the best chance of securing your space.

Once I’ve completed this application, I’m confirmed as a vendor, right?

This is a vetted event. Completing this application does not guarantee your acceptance as a vendor in our events. Once accepted, your payment or initial payment must be received to confirm your space. We regret that we cannot hold dates without a payment or payment plan in place or extend booking deadlines.

Can I share my Vendor space with another Vendor??

No. Vendor spaces are per vendor only and cannot be shared with other vendors.


What if something has come up for an event and I can’t be there?

Hey, things come up, things happen, life happens. We really love our vendors and hosting you for our events, but if you or someone suitable that can share and sell your goods can’t make it for an event and you give us 30 days’ notice prior to the event, we will refund you 50% of that event’s total vendor fee. Your monthly payments will carry on as usual for the remainder of the payment plan.


About our event marketing

We make every effort to include as many vendors as possible in each of our marketing pieces. We encourage you to send professional, high quality, high resolution images that we can use in our efforts.

We will:
-create a main event listing on our Facebook page
-provide pre-made and appropriately sized images for social media feeds
-add you to our event listing page on our website
-create and send event collateral such as postcards or posters that you can share

We highly recommend that all event vendors market the event on their channels and to their customers in addition to our efforts.

We generally do not post about upcoming events in advance of 5 weeks prior to the event date and focus our marketing efforts around 3 to 3.5 weeks prior to the event date. Bungalow 968 reserves the right to select which community pages it will post our events on. Placement and availability are based on each publication’s publishing timelines and deadlines. Some publications we use are Arts Scene through Arts Whistler, The Locals Board, Squamishadventure.com, Squamish.com, The Squamish Chief and Evensi.

Should you join our event inside of 4 weeks prior to the event date, we do not guarantee that we will be able to list you in all of our marketing efforts due to publishing and printing timelines and deadlines.


If you have selected to pay your vendor fees on a monthly payment plan, your payments must be up to date to participate in upcoming events. Bungalow 968 reserves the right to terminate your monthly payment plan and vendor space should you be in excess of 15 days late on a payment.


How do I cancel if I have paid up front?

Event fees used are non-refundable. Should you wish to cancel and have paid your vendor fees up front, we are happy to do so with 45 days advanced notice of your next event. The balance of any event fees used will be collected at time of cancellation plus a $20 administrative fee. No shows forfeit their vendor fees.

How do I cancel my monthly payment plan?

Event fees used are non-refundable. Should you wish to cancel your monthly payment plan, we are happy to do so with 45 days advanced notice of your next event. The balance of any event fees used will be collected at time of cancellation plus a $20 administrative fee. No shows forfeit their Vendor fees.

Can I find another vendor to take my space or take over my monthly payment plan?

Vendor fees and monthly payments are non-transferrable.


Vendors agree that they will be photographed throughout the event and agree to allow the photos to be used for Bungalow 968’s future use.

Additional opportunities for photography of you and your goods specifically may be requested and additional fees may apply.


What furniture will I get to use? What will my space look like?

Our vendors are curated throughout the Bungalow 968 shop using our vintage pieces. You will be provided with furniture sized based on the space allocation of your choosing. Depending on the space allocation, this may be a combination of two pieces of furniture, or furniture and wall space or simply a table.

Because of the unique nature of our layout, we try our best to position our vendors on pieces that best suit their goods. If you love a piece of furniture and think it will work well with your items, please inquire and we may be able to accommodate your request. We do not hold furniture or guarantee that you will have use of the same piece of furniture for each event.

Where will I be located for the event?

We do not reserve specific locations within the Bungalow 968 shop and curate our vendor layout based on a number of different factors. We do not make the layout available prior to the event.

I'm visual. I need to see what the space looks like with mown eyes. How do I do that?

We get it, we’re visual too! If you would like to book a time to come in to take a look at things and get familiar, please set up a time to do so by email to hello@bungalow968.ca


What does Bungalow 968 provide for the events?

We will:
-Provide a vendor space based on your choosing. We do not guarantee power sources will be available.
-Provide small accessories and additional furniture pieces as requested and as available
-Provide marketing for the event including on and offline materials
-Assist in the set-up of your vendor space if requested
-Support you as a Vendor and Creative Collaborator


What does Bungalow 968 expect of me?

Bungalow 968 wishes to collaborate with likeminded creative professionals who are invested in supporting others. We want to produce events that are unique, inspiring and intimate, ones that promote connection and build community together.
We expect our event vendors to:
-Be on time for the opening of each day
-Remain open and present until event close
-Come prepared and ready with all required products, payment processors and packaging
-Participate in giveaways
-Participate in sharing and marketing the event
-Be respectful of Bungalow 968’s creative space and the other creatives
-Be dressed appropriately
-Be open to collaborating with others

Vendors are responsible for obtaining and maintaining necessary permits, licenses and insurance to sell your products, goods and services during the events.


Vendors will indemnify Bungalow 968, it’s owners, affiliates and heirs, for any loss, fine, penalty, legal fees, judgement and expenses related to your failure to comply with the terms of this agreement and any liability, negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct or injury resulting from your products, goods, services, conduct, actions, set-up display and event activities. Failing to comply with the terms and conditions in this agreement will result in cancellation of this agreement and removal from the event(s).

Bungalow 968 is not responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss of income, loss of sales, loss of anticipated savings, revenue or other.

Bungalow 968 will not provide refunds or compensate vendors due to the very unlikely cancellation of the event.

Bungalow 968 is NOT responsible for any damage, loss, breakage or theft during our events.