AIM – Online Accountability Group


AIM – Online Accountability Group

Working at home, being a solo-prenuer and all things COVID isolation are all factors that present a challenge when it comes to taking action on your projects, to-do’s and ideas. With no one to answer to, regularly connect with and challenge you when it comes to your deliverables, you find it’s hard to keep focused, you’re letting yourself down, which doesn’t feel great and stalls your progress even more.

Being part of an online accountability group means you have a group of people to report back to each month that you don’t want to let down, as well as a set timeframe to complete your tasks.

The American Society of Training and Development studied accountability and found that people are 65% more likely to reach their goals when they’ve shared them with someone else. Even better, people are 95% more likely to reach their goals when they share them with a group and meet regularly to review them.

Here’s where AIM – Online Accountability comes in!

Like you, we’re busy. We don’t want another hour plus long meeting, Zoom call or appointment in our calendar. Therefore, we’re keeping our cohorts smaller, meetings on point and timed. You’ll still get the benefits of meeting others and connecting as a group, but we’ll keep our meetings focused and on task to ensure you do too.

Who you are:

You are an individual, leader or small business owner who is committed to creating impact in your life, career, business or endeavour. You are passionate and driven and recognize that you need to feel supported and connected to others in what you create.

You know that you can’t do it alone, that being isolated presents many challenges and you need to find a way to keep yourself motivated and accountable to reaching your goals.

You’re committed to maintaining your priorities, but you’re looking for a way to ensure you keep yourself accountable to someone or something to make sure you do what you say you’re going to do.

You have really great intentions, but it’s really hard to be accountable to yourself. Your motivation comes and goes and you feel that having a group to report back to would ensure you successfully complete what you say you’re going to, wouldn’t that feel great?!

You like the connection of a group environment to keep you motivated and inspired. You want to meet others who are in a similar space to you to help spark your creativity and challenge you to keep moving forward.

You need the occasional cheerleader to help provide that extra push to do what you need to do and the acknowledgement and virtual high fives to celebrate when you’ve reached a milestone.

How it Works

You bring your priorities, the group holds you accountable to achieving them.

Our cohorts meet once monthly via Zoom. Participants will be given a set amount of time to share their top 3-monthly to dos and update the group on their progress from the last month.

At the next month’s session, participants will update the group on their progress of their 3-monthly to dos and share with the group their next 3 items they will action to report back on next month.

Each cohort will be a maximum of 7 people to ensure each meeting stays on time and focused. We will be keeping the group members the same throughout each set.

What you need to bring to each session

Your monthly action items – A list of the 3 things that you are choosing to work on for the month.

Commitment – You show up ready to share and have made the commitment to yourself that you will put in your best effort to complete your tasks.

Positivity – No negative Nellies here. You bring optimism, eagerness and openness to each session you attend.

What you can expect

A supportive group environment for you to connect, share your progress, be inspired and have the accountability to a group to report back to monthly on your progress.

The Fine Print:

$47 per month

12:30pm to 1:30pm OR 1:45pm to 2:45pm

SET 1 – January to June

Bonus session: Wednesday, December 30th

Session 1: Wednesday, January 20th

Session 2: Wednesday, February 24th

Session 3: Wednesday, March 17th

Session 4: Wednesday, April 21st

Session 5: Wednesday, May 19th

Session 6: Wednesday June 19th

SET 2 – July – December – Dates TBA


This is a series workshop, no drop-ins permitted.
Monthly instalment payments will be processed by preauthorized credit card on instalment dates.
Subsidy options for single mothers available, please inquire.

No refunds will be provided for missed sessions.
No obligation. You can cancel anytime.



Additional information

Preferred Timeslot

12:30pm – 1:30pm, 1:45pm -2:45pm