Boss Lady Business Group 2021



Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

You’ve done the groundwork, created a business, got things up and running, have a few systems in place, your policies are *mostly* complete, you’re feeling *fairly* confident, but something is nagging at you telling you that you can tidy things up, make things easier, grow your revenues and re-claim some of your TIME.

You know you need to work ‘on’ your business to continue to grow it, but you’re not sure what to focus on first and where to find the time? You find yourself getting bogged down by the daily to dos, endless emails and all of those projects and things you envision that you REALLY want to action stay on the back burner while you remain frustrated that you can’t get to them.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

You know that you need guidance, tools, support and to be held accountable to your commitments…..

But how?

I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to learn and connect in a group environment and that we can not only learn so much from sharing our experiences together, but also a group environment opens us up to transparency, openness and connectedness. We are better when we collectively encourage each together as a community. Many of my clients have experienced similar challenges, ask similar questions and bring a great perspective to our conversations. I feel strongly that sharing together offers the best opportunity to learn from each other and share in our experiences to expand our knowledge.

I also know that everyone and every business is unique and that there is not a one-size-fits-all plan that will work for everyone. Sometimes you just need to ask a question and get specific guidance that is tailored to you. Sometimes you just need that one:one focused perspective and a forever cheerleader to lift you up when you feel like you are ready to give up.

Are you ready to kick ass in your business? Like, really ready?

The Boss Lady Business Group is a year-long program for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to dive in to increase efficiencies, grow revenues and work on building a solid plan with specific action items to turn all of those back burner dreams and items into reality.

Oh and let’s pepper in a bit of accountability to make sure we stay on track shall we?

I crack the whip. I give homework. I don’t do fluff and excuses. I give you a gentle nudge (cough *ass kick*) when you need it to execute on what needs to get done.  I don’t mess around. I expect big things in my life in business and I’m truly committed to seeing you succeed.

Does this mean I work 24/7?

No. I enjoy the heck out of my downtime and guard my family and me time with precision ninja scheduling skills. But I do know that if you really want to move forward in your business, you have to commit to doing the work to get it there. I’ve done it and trust me, so can you.

Am I a rigid drill sergeant with zero sense of humour or empathy when like (hello!) life happens and sometimes things derail (read *pause*) our progress?

Heck no. I get it. Life happens. And when it does, I’m here to cheer you on and get you re-focused when the time is right.

Series Flow

The BLBG series will be a balance of group advising sessions, access to helpful tools (*you know I love me a good spreadsheet!), plus additional one:one support where you have the opportunity to work on strategy that is unique and specific to you and your business needs. Some of the topics we will cover include:

Strategic Planning – We use a similar framework to our Strategic Planning Workshop to help create your year-long Strategic Plan that becomes your guiding document for your year

Revenue targets and MOOLA – We look at your existing sales data and how we can build off of this to increase revenues in 2021 and beyond

Money Mindset – Why you constantly need to work your money mindset to keep up with your growth

Sales – Lead generation, follow up, scripts for sales and more

Product & Pricing – A review of your current offering or products and ensuring your pricing structure and strategy is on track

Email Marketing – We breakdown an email campaign funnel, what it is, how it works and we create them for your business (PS. *I have an easy to use, template built for you!)

Gimme the details

Over the course of 2021, the BLBG Program includes:

  • Over 15 hours of group advising calls throughout the year
  • Online delivery via Zoom
  • Access to all zoom call recordings
  • 6, hour long, one:one sessions with Meg, when you choose
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Access to session recordings and digital templates
  • Recommended reading list
  • Discounts on additional services

Group Sessions

Our group advising sessions will be delivered online via Zoom over the course of the year. To kick things off with our strategic planning, we will have three sessions in January with most months after that seeing one session per month based on our program flow and content covered. Have to miss a session? No worries, you will have access to the Zoom recording and can watch when works best for you.

One:One Sessions with Meg

One:one sessions will be delivered either in person or via Zoom call. Included within the BLBG program are six, hour long, one:one advising sessions, you pick the months, you pick the cadence. Need two sessions in a month? No problem. Need a break over the summer? I hear you. Your six sessions included in the BLBG program are scheduled as you need them to be used with in the year of 2021. Need a little more one:one attention? Totally. All BLBG members receive a 20% discount on any additional one:one sessions outside of your six included with the BLBG program.

What you need

What you need to be a part of the group:

  • Internet connection
  • Zoom app downloaded to your device
  • A completed set of Core Values (Don’t worry, you can access our FREE Core Values exercise here)
  • Dropbox app downloaded to your device
  • MS Excel or Apple Numbers (*We will be working live in excel during many of our sessions)
  • Your sales data, broken down by month for the previous year
  • A POS or accounting system (we love Square) that is set up and has reporting capabilities
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • The ability to print your own materials should you choose
  • 2 x poster boards
  • 4 different colors of 4”x4” sticky notes
  • Sharpie Markers

BLBG Curator and Facilitator Meg Maclure


Meg is an award winning entrepreneur works creatively to grow businesses.

Meg’s background covers working in both the public and private sectors, with businesses across a diverse range of industries from arts, retail, accommodation and food services, to forestry, mining and tourism.

Meg is a skilled leader who has overseen the management of people and projects across Canada, often working in Aboriginal Communities facilitating programs for youth as they take their first steps into the workforce. She draws on her background in Human Resources and Business Development to consult and support in the areas of entrepreneurial development, mentorship and ongoing business strategy.

Meg is a Mentor, Speaker and Community Partner with Futurpreneur Canada, an internationally recognized mentorship program that supports young Canadian Entrepreneurs.

Meg is the recipient of the WNORTH Accelerate Scholarship, Squamish Chief Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Squamish Chamber Business Excellence Award Winner, an Advising Committee Member for the Squamish Constellation Festival, past Board Director for the Cutting Barriers Employment and Training Association, past Board Director of the Squamish Arts Council.

Meg has built her businesses while simultaneously being a single mother to her biggest accomplishment, her fantastic 13-year-old daughter Abby.

2021 Group Session Dates:

Group calls will be scheduled two months in advance starting with the following group sessions in January and February:

Session 1: Friday, January 8th 11:00am- 12:00pm

Session 2: Wednesday, January 13th 10:00am – 1:00pm

Session 3: Wednesday, January 20th 11:00am – 12:00pm

Session 4: Wednesday, February 3rd 11:00am – 12:00pm

Ongoing session dates TBC.


Early Bird Rate $179/month *Early Bird pricing until December 4th, 2020

Regular Rate $199/month


This is an annual series, no drop-ins permitted. It is a year-long commitment.
First and last month’s fees required at time of booking to secure your space.  
Monthly instalment payments will be processed by preauthorized credit card February through November.

Bimonthly payment plan available, please inquire.
Subsidy options for single mothers available, please inquire.

COVID Safety Plan 

Currently we will be holding all BLBG group and one:one sessions online via Zoom. We will closely follow the COVID situation as it evolves and follow the directives set out by our provincial health officer when it comes to gatherings and groups outside of our bubbles.

We would love to meet in person and will endeavour to do so when it’s deemed safe.


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Payment Options

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