Courage Coaching & Bungee Jump


with Lani of Fenix Fallgirl

Sunday, May 26th // 10:00 – 4:00pm

Are you ready to overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams?

Join Lani Gelera (AKA The Fenix Fallgirl), veteran Hollywood North Stuntwoman, as she leads you through Courage Coaching, a combination of classroom coaching followed up with taking a leap of faith bungee jumping!

After this workshop, you will gain a unique and valuable skillset to:
  • Acknowledge the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back in life
  • Recognize the feelings and emotions that manifest in your body in a state of fear
  • Determine the difference between fears, anxiety and phobias
  • Mind your state of mind and how it alters your perception of life
  • Muster the courage needed when you need to bravely face your fears
  • Learn a proven technique for overcoming your fears from a career Stuntwoman
You will walk away from this workshop a Victor, with confidence, having bravely taken a leap of faith, and ready to take on all the fears that are standing in the way of accomplishing all of your dreams in life. The act of Bungee Jumping is nothing more than a powerful metaphor where you put this new skill set to use.


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