Creating Your Workshop


It’s time to start creating your workshop!

Bungalow 968 has hosted 100’s of different kinds of workshops and training sessions, striving to produce workshops that are meaningful and creative, while promoting community, connection & collaboration.

Drawing on all of our experience, we’ve created this guide to support entrepreneurs and small businesses with their workshop design!

Whether it’s your first time creating a workshop or you’re looking to tidy up an existing one, we’ve built this guide to help you feel confident in developing, designing and delivering your workshop.

Our over 20-page guide removes the guess work by breaking things down into manageable steps and includes helpful hints and tips to answer all of the questions you have about creating a workshop. The guide is filled with prompts and easy fill in the blanks where you can add your own unique information specific to your business and your workshop.

Some of the steps you will be guided through include:

  • Creating a workshop
  • Building your unique workshop framework
  • Naming your workshop
  • Designing your workshop lesson plan
  • Pricing your workshop
  • Developing a description of your workshop
  • Creating a materials list

After completing the guide, you will have your own workshop framework for a 2 to 3-hour workshop that is organized, well-designed and specific to you and your business.

The guide isn’t just for those in the creative space, it can be applied to any small business or entrepreneur in any industry and outlines all the specific steps of how to create a workshop and can be applied to workshops delivered in person or online.

All guidebook purchasers have the option to have a 30 minute one:one consult at a discounted rate with Meg to review your workshop plans and ask any questions that are specific to you and your business.

Your digital copy of the Creating You Workshop guide will be available to you immediately after purchase and is yours to keep to apply to future workshops you choose to develop.