Curating Your New Year


How would it feel to start off your year with fresh perspective? What if you actually took the time to do some deep reflecting paired with a bit of creating for your year ahead?

What if you could carve out the time to kindly and compassionately look at your challenges and achievements of the last year to celebrate your successes and note the areas that need attention?

What would it feel like to be starting another year with just the right amount of self-reflection and guidance to help shape the path you will create for the coming year? How would it feel to ditch the overwhelm and the feeling like you need to ‘attack’ things? What if we could set specific tasks for you to action your ideas while keeping it simple? BREATHE.

It can look like this. Choose un-hustle. You can choose to move forward with grace and leave the feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion behind you. There is time to do the things you love, time for joy and time for fun.

Are you ready to create a simple, action plan and choose ease and flow over hustle, hurry and exhaustion?

Let’s slow down, find out what your true ‘yes’ items are for the coming year, ask the right questions to allow you to really explore what it is that you want to focus on and build a plan for you vs letting months fly by as you get buried in emails, social media posts and putting out the daily fires.

This 1.5 hour, online mini-session delivered via zoom is a pared down version of our larger strategic planning workshop that offers you the space and time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year to come. In the session you will be guided through questions and focused time that will help bring clarity and intention to your year and beyond. We will create a plan that feels sustainable, organized and clear, broken down into manageable chunks for you to action over the course of the year.

Upcoming Session Dates:

1: Tuesday, January 5th 11:00am – 12:30pm

2: Monday, January 18th 10:00am – 11:30am