Monthly Accountability Series

2019 Series is in full swing! Check back for January 2020 enrolment in fall of 2019.

Monthly Group PLUS Individualized Sessions.. First and last month’s fees collected to reserve your space.

Feeling inspired and ready for 2019?

Do you feel a pull to do something, big or small, humble or impactful? Do you have ideas, passion, dedication and an undeniable drive to be an entrepreneur? The ideas are coming, but which one do you jump on? Where do you start? What path do you take? Where do you find guidance to help shape your idea?

Our Monthly Accountability Series is for aspiring achievers, creators, makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, moms or small business owners who seek clarity and direction in taking their next steps to achieve their goals.

Meet. Connect. Do The Work.

Your commitment to our year-long series of once monthly meetings and one-on-one sessions provides you with needed opportunities:

Discover & Clarify – explore and define what you want to achieve

Work towards your desired vision and goals – outline steps and take inspired action

Space – dedicated YOU time to identify your desires as you clearly define the next steps on your creative path

Accountability – ensuring you stay focused and on track

Encouragement – utilize the power of inspiring leaders and a motivated group of women to increase productivity and effectiveness

Through the heart-centred leadership of Stacey Tucker and Meg Maclure, our Monthly Accountability Series will provide you the opportunity to explore your ideas, grow your creative enterprise or build your business. We work together to clarify your ideas and help you shape a plan to turn ideas into reality as you move through 2018.

Monthly Group Session:

Meet with the group, connect and do the work.

5:45pm – 8:00pm the last Thursday of the month.*

Monthly One-on-One Session:

An individualized, one-on-one, hour long session focused on you.

One-on-one sessions will alternate monthly between Stacey and Meg. By the end of the year you will have had six (6) 1:1 sessions with Meg and six (6) 1:1 sessions with Stacey. Each one hour session is scheduled individually with either Stacey or Meg and can occur in person, via Facetime/Skype or via phone.

Individualized. Focused. 1:1 Time.

MAS Facilitators Stacey Tucker & Meg Maclure


About Stacey


Stacey brings powerful insight, brilliant intuition, a playful sense of humor, a calm sensibility and compassion to each of her clients.

A powerful and compelling coach, she has a talent for inspiring her clients to make positive changes in their lives – to live their lives on purpose; inviting them to explore new possibilities, discover their passions, achieve their potential and realize their dreams.

Stacey’s education and background is in coaching, teaching and mindfulness practices, as well as Interior Design. She is a part time parent to two fabulous boys 9 & 6, and can often be found on a yoga mat or in the great outdoors, finding heart shapes wherever she goes.

About Meg



Meg works creatively to grow businesses.

Meg’s background covers working in both the public and private sectors, with start-ups and not  for profit organizations across a diverse range of industries. Having built two successful businesses of her own, as well as co-creating multiple, diverse ventures, Meg loves the process of building a business from the ground up.

Meg is a skilled leader who advises individuals and businesses on their best strategies to cultivate growth and success. She builds business foundations, systems and action plans, providing accountability for executing each step. She has overseen the management of people across Canada, often working in remote Aboriginal Communities assisting youth as they take their first steps into the workforce. Meg collaborates with artists, creatives and makers helping to showcase their talent and wares by hosting workshops and events at her creative space, Bungalow 968. She builds genuine connection and develops community through collaboration, drawing on her personal experiences to compel others to take bold steps in their business and life.

Meg is the recipient of the WNORTH Accelerate Scholarship, Squamish Chief Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Squamish Chamber Business Excellence Award Winner, is a Mentor with Futurpreneur Canada and a Brand Ambassador for Strong as a Mother.

2019 Group Session Dates:

Thursdays // Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, April 25, May 30, June 27, July 25, Aug 29, Sept 26, Oct 24*, Nov 28 & Dec 8*

Workshop Terms & Policies

This is an annual series, no drop-ins permitted. It is a year long commitment.
First and last month’s fees required at time of booking to secure your space.  
Monthly instalment payments will be processed by preauthorized credit card February through November.

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