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Emily Tolmie Ceramics
2 – Session Workshop // Ages 10 – 13

Add your own personal decorative style as you shape your own mug!

Over two-sessions, students will be guided step-by-step to making their own mug with a handle. During the first session, students will learn to wedge & prepare clay, roll out slabs using a slab roller and cut templates for the mug shapes. Students will add their decorative touches using patterns and textures, attach the handle and prepare their piece for it’s first firing.

Session two will involve the students sanding their piece and then choosing from a selection of glazes, use brushes to apply the glaze. Their piece will then be taken for it’s final kiln firing.

Finished pieces will be ready for pick-up within a week of the workshop close.

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Saturday, October 15th // 1:00 – 3:00, Wednesday, November 2nd // 6:00 – 8:30


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