Strategic Planning – Private Session


A day dedicated to you and your team planning out your year

Our strategic planning private sessions are booked exclusively for one business per session. The session will focus on determining the direction of your business for upcoming year. These sessions are for entrepreneurs, small business owners and those needing clear direction and organization for their business.

Over 1 – day, we will guide you step-by-step through the planning process for your business for 2021 where you will:

  • clarify your values and mission
  • identify your yearly vision and priority areas of focus
  • set financial targets
  • review past successes and challenges
  • outline great big dreams
  • outline key objectives
  • establish key performance indicators
  • clarify your audience
  • target your value delivery methods
  • identify the personal elements required for business success

We use our carefully crafted tools to help you identify what is most important for you to action in the coming year and we break those items down into manageable execution steps and assign steps to you and specific members of your team. You can expect to walk away from this workshop with a solid and clear idea of where your business is going for the year.

You will feel organized and confident as you enter into a new year with a unique roadmap that is specific to you and your business goals.

After your session, you will be provided with a PDF summary outlining your strategic plan for the year.

Following the private day long session are two – 1 hour, one:one sessions with Meg. Session 1 will be to answer any specific questions you have about your plan, session 2 will be held mid-year and focus on a review of your specific strategic targets to ensure you are on track for the remainder of your year.

Session pre-requisites:

  • Core Values. You can download our FREE Core Values Workbook here.
  • Business logo, brand elements and photography to be used in your Strategic Plan PDF summary.

All session materials and a light lunch are provided

Pricing Options

One time payment $2000


Four instalment payments of $500


Monthly instalment payments will be processed by preauthorized credit card on instalment dates.
Subsidy options for single mothers available, please inquire.
Private Strategic Planning Sessions will be held in person where social distancing and proper COVID precautions can be upheld. If in an in person session is not possible, the session will be held online.



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Payment Options

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