Increase confidence and productivity, strengthen communication skills, create a collaborative workforce, build a positive brand reputation and enhance workplace safety.

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Customizable Learning

Working closely with our clients, in alignment with their values as well as cultural and community themes, we take a holistic approach to our programming, tailoring our materials to the specific needs of each Nation and community. We ensure our efforts are integrated for cohesive messaging, delivery and feel, recognizing the unique spiritual, emotional, behavioral, physical and mental components required for program success.

Designed to allow for maximum flexibility to work with our client’s specific and unique timelines, audiences and budgets, our programs, materials and methods are user friendly and speak in easy to understand terms that are cognizant of diverse learning capabilities, styles and skill levels.


Skills Training Western Canada

Programs Life Skills

Life Skills

Confidently learn and gain knowledge of general life skills to promote healthy and positive personal development. Learn to effectively handle challenges, build self esteem and self reliance.

Programs Employment Skills

Employment Skills

Strengthening authentic workplace connection through communication, teamwork development and conflict resolution strategies designed to increase productivity and create a collaborative workplace culture.

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Leadership Skills

Increase your leadership and management capacity through self-exploration, self-assessment and self-awareness. Gain new tools and best practices to become a more engaged, insightful and collaborative leader.

Programs Culinary

Culinary Training

Learn basic and practical skills to explore the different avenues for furthering your career in the culinary field. Provides participants with an opportunity to explore current job openings and culinary schooling options.

Programs Youth

Youth Development

Inspiring youth through the provision of experiences, connections and certifications that set them up for success as they prepare to enter the workforce or grow as community leaders.

Programs Workshops

One-Day Workshops

Whether you need a bit of training or multiple days, our workshops offer maximum flexibility to work with your specific and unique timelines, audiences and budgets.

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Employer Training Grants

Learn more about how the B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) works and how employers may be eligible to receive grant funding for a portion of your training program fees.


What People are Saying

  • Devan Williams, Employment Counsellor – Squamish Nation

  • 'I've been a part of numerous strategic planning sessions and know a skilled facilitator when I work with one, Megan is one of the best. Not only is she incredibly organized, researched and prepared, she is flexible and able to quickly pivot depending on the needs of the room. Her approach is structured, yet full of curiosity. Megan provided clear direction, asked hard questions to draw out our best answers, and supported our team the entire way through. We left our strategic planning session knowing we had a way forward with our newly identified initiatives and were better connected as a team for the experience.'

    Kirsten Andrews, Squamish Constellation Festival

  • 'The impact of the Leadership Development Training program was that I gained a better understanding of my leadership strengths and weaknesses. Taking the leadership program has given me new skills to communicate better, not only with leading projects, but also when working with different personalities within my organization. I was able to take the techniques taught in the program for myself, but also to help a co-worker better articulate here concerns for a new advisory committee. I had new found confidence in being able to help and my coworker was to grateful with how I was able to help her communicate her concerns. Since taking this program I feel that I have been able to better lead my projects utilizing the different skills we learned throughout the program. My favorite part of the program was Change Management, Aislinn really tricked us and it was soooo funny!!'

    Sue Richardson, Participant – Leadership Development Training, Squamish Nation

  • 'Meg and her team have worked with Líĺwat Retail Operations for several years in various capacities from training program delivery, HR support, visioning sessions and graphics support. We have a high level of trust with Meg, she has guided our team on many projects accommodating our diverse set of needs across all facets of Líĺwat Retail and the Líĺwat Business Group. Our overall experience working with Meg and Bungalow 968 has been outstanding. We look forward to our continued relationship in our future endeavours and would highly recommend Meg and her team of professionals.'

    Graham Turner, General Manager – Líĺwat Retail Operations

  • 'Meg is one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.'

    Dean, President – Summit Camps

  • 'We hired Meg of Bungalow 968 for a full day of strategic business planning. The day included a variety of activities from the creative envisioning to the more practical expense and income worksheet to come up with a refreshed pricing strategy. The information we gleaned from this experience was very valuable. We were able to re-orient ourselves after this planning day and have since expanded our product line significantly and continue to put our focus in this direction in part due to the information we learned through this strategic planning day. Meg is professional, knowledgeable and inspiring to work with, her enthusiasm for business and planning is apparent. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to create a full picture of their business and to create a game plan with clear direction.'

    Hannah Rennie, Partner – Cumberland Cleaning Co.

  • 'That session was the best session I have EVER been involved in.'

    Larina Bouwman, Advisor – Sun Life

  • 'Meg worked with our Nation to create a successful, comprehensive training program that fit our needs and that had excellent results for our members as well as the local labour market needs. She is a compassionate and energetic facilitator, with a well-balanced style that fit our clientele perfectly.'

    Melanie Williams, Líĺwat Employment and Training Manager – Líĺwat Nation

  • 'Meg is a balanced mix of down to earth, goal oriented in her business and life strategies, with a thirst for adventure and the unknown. She loves a good practical joke and laughter has to be a component of each day. She is a dynamic, out of the box, let's find a way type of thinker and leader, always working with people with ease and grace. I am grateful to have made her acquaintance, delighted when working with her, and proud to have her amongst the few I call friend.'

    Patti Landsel, Tsubo Shiatsu

  • 'Meg is a truly an inspiring, amazing and supportive facilitator who has helped me find success in many ways. I received so much value from working with Megan, she did so much more than just take the time to teach, she helped with on-going advice and support well after the program.'

    Psil Bikadi, Participant – Workforce Accommodation & Culinary Training Program, Líĺwat Nation

  • 'Megan’s insights, advice and follow-through support were nothing short of exceptional. She offered practical, realistic solutions to challenges I faced and provided me with clear strategies to execute on those solutions. I highly recommend Megan to anyone considering working with her in her areas of expertise.'

    Tim McGrady, Managing Partner – Farewell Harbour Lodge