Creative Business Consulting

We work directly with you to assess your overall business landscape, re-align capacity through visioning, evaluation and strategic planning.

Creativity in everything we do

Consulting Services

Meg’s top three strengths are strategy, relationship building and activation which she brings into consulting by connecting to her clients to gain a deep understanding of their perspective, goals, personality and business identity. She absorbs information brought forward by our clients, analyzes it to find creative solutions which help clients make decisions and make complex challenges more manageable by identifying options and priorities with bite size action steps that provide clarity, organization and a clear path forward.

  • Our strategic visioning and planning sessions help to assess overall picture, re-aligning capacity through visioning, evaluation and strategic planning, identifying priorities and by creating an execution plan to make things happen.

    We build in accountability to ensure priorities stay on track and move forward with identified goals. We infuse personal and professional development, encouraging the shaping of a success-based mindset to increase overall confidence in business and life.

  • We work closely with our clients to first identify goals, outcomes and needs, as well as barriers and challenges that impact program success.

    From there we find creative solutions to develop a program that is aligned and best serves our client’s audience. Our program development team is experienced and knowledgeable in current training methodologies and learning delivery techniques that ensure maximum engagement and retention of program content.

    Our curriculum design ensures all programs are accessible and motivating, incorporating real-world examples, plain language writing, and creative delivery strategies to ensure high levels of engagement. We deliver end to end learning program content and materials that are aligned with your organization’s culture and brand.

  • We provide assistance in the areas of organizational design, human resources, corporate strategy, logistics and community engagement.

A Team With Experience

Our team members are experienced facilitators, teachers, professional coaches and mentors. With experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources, education, social work, mindfulness, business management and facilitation within First Nations Communities across Canada.
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More Programs

Bungalow 968 offers a range of long form and short form programs and workshops designed to empower First Nations communities across Canada.