Life Skills Training

Confidently learn and gain knowledge of general life skills to promote healthy and positive personal development. Learn to effectively handle challenges, build self-esteem and self-reliance.


Customizable Programs

Designed to allow for maximum flexibility to work with our client’s specific and unique timelines, audiences and budgets, our programs and workshops can be combined together based on client goals and preferences. Our materials and methods are user friendly and speak in easy to understand terms that are cognizant of diverse learning capabilities, styles and skill levels.

One Day Life Skills Workshops

  • Our flagship workshop, Leading From Within is for participants to develop skills in emotional intelligence, confidence, and personal leadership. We deliver simple tools and strategies to help increase confidence, help discover personal values and personality types. We discover what motivates participants, what their core values are and how to turn negative thoughts around. Participants reflect on how to create a morning routine and incorporate mindfulness techniques to ground and empower themselves in their everyday life. This workshop is a great starting place and forms the foundation for our additional workshops.

    Recommended pairing: Visioning and Goal Setting

  • The Visioning & Goal Setting workshop provides participants with tools and activities to help create a vision for their future, with goals and a timeline to support making it happen. We help identify their personality types, discuss participants’ life objectives and how to stay on track by breaking down goals into smaller steps using the S.M.A.R.T technique. Participants learn about the importance of habits and mindfulness and will leave the workshop with a three-year plan on how to execute goals and a step-by-step guide created to get them there.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within

  • The Resume Review and Interview Skills workshop will teach about different kinds of resumes and explore the tools participants can use to represent themselves advantageously during their future job searches and interviews. Participants will learn how to build a resume and fill each section with relevant and important information. We will also discuss how to create cover letters that stand out and more importantly, give you a better chance of landing the interview you want. We will discuss how to apply to jobs, how to prepare for an interview and interview etiquette.

    Recommended Pairing: Dressed for Success and Math Skills for Life

  • The Dressed for Success workshop aims to help participants gain an understanding of basic human needs, confidence, personal presentation and personal hygiene. We cover basic hygiene and organizational skills and how they relate to preparing for an interview, covering topics such as: what to bring, what to wear and how to present yourself so you can present the most confident you. We will also discuss interview etiquette, and perform mock interviews to help participants prepare and shake off any nerves.

    Recommended Pairing: Resume Review and Interview Skills + Communication, Professionalism and Time Management

  • The Basic Nutrition & Meal Planning workshop will teach participants about the basic nutritional requirements to aid in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Working with Canada’s Food Guide and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Melanie Ackerly, we discuss what makes up a healthy diet. We also discuss various dietary needs such as personal food choices like vegan and vegetarian diets, and more specific dietary requirements regarding more serious diseases such as celiac disease and diabetes. Participants will also create a personalized weekly meal plan emphasizing choices for healthy living.

    Recommended Pairing: Math Skills for Life + Leading from Within

  • Created by SFU Math Doctoral Candidate, Kailyn Pritchard, this workshop breaks down everyday math and helps participants with basic math skills including computation of whole numbers and decimals as well as understanding percentages. The goal is to aid students to better understand basic math they can use to create a personal budget, explore various expenses and how to balance them in relation to their income.

    Participants learn about income tax, interest rates and how to calculate their income on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We help participants set and breakdown their personal budget, including debt management, and how to save for their short and long term financial goals.

    Recommended Pairing: Nutrition and Special Diets + Leading from Within

Long Form Life Skills Programs

  • The Care for Oneself program is a two to four-week fitness and life skills program that helps boost confidence, health and overall well-being so that participants can lead healthier lifestyles which better prepare them for employment opportunities. The program includes a daily combination of 1 hour of active movement and beginner physical fitness, as well as 4.5 hours of in classroom life skills learning.

    The fitness component of the program focuses on building confidence and strength, helping participants develop a positive and healthy body image. The life skills portion of the program supports the development of the soft skills required to improve wellness, confidence and mental health in day to day life, as well as within employment opportunities.


A team with experience

Our team members are experienced facilitators, teachers, professional coaches and mentors. With experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources, education, social work, mindfulness, business management and facilitation within First Nations Communities across Canada.
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Bungalow 968 offers a range of long form and short form programs and workshops designed to empower Indigenous Communities across Canada.