One-Day Workshops

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One-Day Workshops

Designed to allow for maximum flexibility to work with our client’s specific and unique timelines, audiences and budgets, our one-day workshops can be combined together based on client goals and preferences. Our materials and methods are user friendly and speak in easy to understand terms that are cognizant of diverse learning capabilities, styles and skill levels.

Life Skills Workshops

  • Our flagship workshop, Leading From Within is for participants to develop skills in emotional intelligence, confidence, and personal leadership. We deliver simple tools and strategies to help increase confidence, help discover personal values and personality types. We discover what motivates participants, what their core values are and how to turn negative thoughts around. Participants reflect on how to create a morning routine and incorporate mindfulness techniques to ground and empower themselves in their everyday life. This workshop is a great starting place and forms the foundation for our additional workshops.

    Recommended pairing: Visioning and Goal Setting

  • The Visioning & Goal Setting workshop provides participants with tools and activities to help create a vision for their future, with goals and a timeline to support making it happen. We help identify their personality types, discuss participants’ life objectives and how to stay on track by breaking down goals into smaller steps using the S.M.A.R.T technique. Participants learn about the importance of habits and mindfulness and will leave the workshop with a three-year plan on how to execute goals and a step-by-step guide created to get them there.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within

  • The Resume Review and Interview Skills workshop will teach about different kinds of resumes and explore the tools participants can use to represent themselves advantageously during their future job searches and interviews. Participants will learn how to build a resume and fill each section with relevant and important information. We will also discuss how to create cover letters that stand out and more importantly, give you a better chance of landing the interview you want. We will discuss how to apply to jobs, how to prepare for an interview and interview etiquette.

    Recommended Pairing: Dressed for Success and Math Skills for Life

  • The Dressed for Success workshop aims to help participants gain an understanding of basic human needs, confidence, personal presentation and personal hygiene. We cover basic hygiene and organizational skills and how they relate to preparing for an interview, covering topics such as: what to bring, what to wear and how to present yourself so you can present the most confident you. We will also discuss interview etiquette, and perform mock interviews to help participants prepare and shake off any nerves.

    Recommended Pairing: Resume Review and Interview Skills + Communication, Professionalism and Time Management

  • The Basic Nutrition & Meal Planning workshop will teach participants about the basic nutritional requirements to aid in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Working with Canada’s Food Guide and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Melanie Ackerly, we discuss what makes up a healthy diet. We also discuss various dietary needs such as personal food choices like vegan and vegetarian diets, and more specific dietary requirements regarding more serious diseases such as celiac disease and diabetes. Participants will also create a personalized weekly meal plan emphasizing choices for healthy living.

    Recommended Pairing: Math Skills for Life + Leading from Within

  • Created by SFU Math Doctoral Candidate, Kailyn Pritchard, this workshop breaks down everyday math and helps participants with basic math skills including computation of whole numbers and decimals as well as understanding percentages. The goal is to aid students to better understand basic math they can use to create a personal budget, explore various expenses and how to balance them in relation to their income.

    Participants learn about income tax, interest rates and how to calculate their income on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We help participants set and breakdown their personal budget, including debt management, and how to save for their short and long term financial goals.

    Recommended Pairing: Nutrition and Special Diets + Leading from Within

Employment Skills Workshops

  • The goal of the Introduction to Workplace Policies workshop is to provide an introduction to common workplace policies relevant to almost every type of employment. Having this knowledge will help participants to better prepare for employment opportunities and know what to expect in entry level positions.

    Recommended Pairing: Communication, Professionalism and Time Management + Dressed for Success + Customer Service

  • This workshop will enable participants to demonstrate the best form in workplace etiquette, the dos and don’ts of the workplace, professionalism, effective communication tools for the workplace and time management skills. We discuss professional communication with coworkers and management, email and phone etiquette, and how to display professionalism in relation to staying focused, planning for punctuality and creating effective to do lists.

    Recommended Pairing: Introduction to Workplace Policies + Customer Service

  • This great stand alone workshop builds off of the introductory customer service skills learned in Superhost Training. Participants will learn to differentiate between different types of customers, ways to manage challenging customer service interactions and how body language can impact customer confidence. This workshop develops proactive team members that can confidently support your customer relations, create customer loyalty and help participants confidently go that extra mile when serving your customers.

    Recommended Pairing: Communication, Professionalism and Time Management + Introduction to Workplace Policies + Superhost

  • The Conflict Resolution & Teamwork workshop will enable participants to recognize conflict situations and equip them with the skills to resolve them. Participants will learn to tackle problem solving in their work and personal lives, common approaches to conflict and strategies for effective conflict resolution. The workshop also provides participants with tools for managing personal emotions, techniques for dealing with stress from conflict, and how a team forms and functions productively.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within + Critical and Creative Thinking

  • The Creative Thinking Module will help participants access their creative instincts, learn how to solve problems and address opportunities with creativity. We explore the benefits of creative thinking and how using it can positively impact participant’s careers and everyday life. The Critical Thinking Module introduces participants to thinking critically, and how imperative these skills are in sifting through potential scams and misinformation in the news. This workshop encourages participants to slow down and ask good questions in order to make better and more informed decisions.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within + Conflict Resolution & Teamwork + Skills for Emerging Leaders

  • The Skills for Emerging Leaders workshop will provide participants with knowledge of basic leadership skills and how to identify strong leadership traits within themselves. They will be empowered to move forward into leadership roles and experiences that will encourage personal, team and professional growth. We will begin to explore topics such as how to motivate employees, how to give feedback and how to best communicate with employees effectively.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within + Creative and Critical Thinking + Discovering Your Leadership Style + Leadership Development Training Program

  • This goal of this workshop is to give participants a strong foundation and basic understanding of essential computer skills. Participants will be guided through learning about internet browsing, setting up and sending email and an introduction to Google Suite.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within + Microsoft Word Basics

  • This workshop is designed for new Microsoft Word users or those that need a refresher. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals required to navigate and use Microsoft Word, such as creating and formatting a professional looking document as well as naming, saving and sharing files.

    These tools will help participants create documents such as resumes, reference sheets cover letters.

    Recommended Pairing: Leading from Within + Computer Literacy Basics

  • This workshop provides an introduction to workplace safety by first learning about the components of an Occupational Health and Safety program and following up with an overview of general safety principles and guidelines for worker safety. Participants will learn about the structure of an OH&S program, new worker orientations, safety meetings, hazard identification, safe work procedures, identifying near misses vs incidents and their respective reporting requirements.

    Recommended Pairing: Workplace Hazardous Information System (WHMIS) + Introduction to Workplace Policies

  • As a certified Superhost Training Provider, we deliver the Foundations of Service Quality curriculum developed by

    Foundations for Service Quality is a great first step for customer facing roles in tourism and hospitality industries in British Columbia. This program is a comprehensive and practical introduction to customer service best practices. Participants will receive Superhost Certification on successful completion of the online exam.

    Recommended Pairing: Communication, Professionalism and Time Management + Introduction to Workplace Policies + Customer Service

  • All workers in Canada who are working with or around hazardous materials are required by law to have WHMIS Training. In this half-day workshop, participants will learn aspects of the WHMIS 2015 system and 1988 WHMIS course including the international standard for GHC (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of chemicals).

    Recommended Pairing: Workplace Safety + Introduction to Workplace Policies + Emergency First Aid

  • Working with one of our delivery partners, the Emergency First Aid – Occupational First Aid (OFA 1) course certifies participants to WorkSafe BC standards for workplace First Aid and is acceptable throughout the province of British Columbia. Participants will receive EFA – OFA Level 1 Certification on successful completion of the in class exam.

    Recommended Pairing: Workplace Safety + Superhost

  • Working with one of our delivery partners, the Foodsafe Level 1 course covers food handling, sanitation and work safety, designed for food service establishment operators and front line food service workers such as cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers, and deli workers. The course covers important food safety and worker safety information including foodborne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing. Participants will receive Foodsafe Certification on successful completion of the in class exam.

    Recommended Pairing: Customer Service + Superhost

Leadership Skills

  • The Discovering Your Leadership Style Workshop provides participants the opportunity to understand the different types of leaders and the skills of great leaders. Using the Clifton Strengths Assessment, participants gain insight into their unique strengths, areas for improvement, how to use these strengths in the workplace and how the different strengths styles can better work together. We also explore how identifying your team’s strengths can help you as a leader and your team as a whole. 

    Recommended Pairing: Emotional Intelligence + Understanding Motivation + Communication for Leaders

  • Emotional Intelligence is an essential asset in social, workplace and personal relationships. In the Emotional Intelligence workshop, we help participants expand their knowledge of Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Skills, Empathy and Motivation. We explore different means of communication and how to best utilize each method to create positive social interactions needed in relationship management. We also discuss the benefits of increasing our Emotional Intelligence and how using empathy in leadership can help create an optimal atmosphere for success. 

    Recommended Pairing: Discovering Your Leadership Style +  Communication for Leaders + Understanding Motivation + Creative & Critical Thinking

  • In our Communication for Leaders Workshop, participants learn communication strategies and techniques to ensure clarity when sending and receiving information. Using a communication loop, participants will learn what a perfect loop looks like and how to navigate noise to ensure effective communication with a variety of audiences.

     Participants are then guided through a self-assessment to identify their own communication style and apply that insight using role plays and activities to better understand how each of the different communication styles can best work together to send and receive information. 

    Recommended Pairing: Discovering Your Leadership Style +  Emotional Intelligence + Leading Change   

  • Motivation plays a huge role in the success of any organization. We examine how employees are motivated, discuss different theories and the role of personalities in motivation. Using the S.M.A.R.T technique, we help students learn how they can set S.M.A.R.T goals to ensure the outcomes they wish to achieve are broken down and attainable. Challenges discussed in this workshop include: dealing with low morale and how leaders can stay motivated while motivating their team.

    Recommended Pairing: Discovering Your Leadership Style +  Communication for Leaders + Emotional Intelligence

  • This workshop dives into how to build accountability across all team members in the workplace. Participants will learn habits that we find in accountable people and how to incorporate these habits into their own lives. We also explore the impact time management has on being accountable and where students can improve their time management skills. The workshop will also discuss how accountability can translate into improved performance and reoccurring success – which in turn lead to a better workplace environment and culture. 

    Recommended Pairing: Understanding Motivation + Discovering Your Leadership Style +  Communication for Leaders + Emotional Intelligence

  • The goal of the Feedback in the Workplace Workshop is to enable students to successfully give both positive and negative feedback. We discuss how to give constructive criticism and foster a positive work environment while doing so. We discuss the importance of active listening, when, where and how we give feedback and how to read body language in gaging how the feedback is being received. We end the Workshop on how to effectively receive feedback to promote a cohesive work environment. 

    Recommended Pairing: Discovering Your Leadership Style +  Communication for Leaders + Accountability in the Workplace 

  • In the Leadership Strategies and Coaching Workshop we look at what makes good and bad bosses, the differences between coaching and mentoring and how participants can bring each method into their workplace. Describing the competencies found in great leaders, such as trust and a growth mindset, as well as introducing tools -like the GROW method and mind-mapping- participants learn how they can employ leadership strategies for a successful coaching process.

    Recommended Pairing: Emotional Intelligence +  Communication for Leaders + Conflict Resolution + Leading Change

  • Without a doubt, leaders will encounter conflict. Within this workshop, we will dive into the four main types of conflict, as well as discovering the most common conflict styles. Participants will be guided through the steps to resolving conflict, breaking them down and  introducing tools to help discover the root cause of the conflict while working towards an effective resolution by maintaining personal wellness, finding common ground, generating options and creating a solid plan with action steps. 

    Recommended Pairing: Emotional Intelligence +  Communication for Leaders + Leadership Strategies and Coaching + Leading Change + Creative and Critical Thinking


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