Youth Development for Indigenous Communities

Inspiring youth through the provision of experiences, connections and certifications that set them up for success as they prepare to enter the workforce or grow as community leaders.

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Youth Development Programs

We work closely with our clients to set program goals that are specific and relevant to their youth each year.  Together, we determine the content and elements within each program, from longer, hands on job shadowing opportunities, site visits to local businesses, life and employment skills training to certifications such as First Aid, Foodsafe and Youth Recreation Leadership. We offer a high level of customization to our Youth Programs to ensure we are best meeting the needs of each community. 

  • The Youth Employment Program was designed to provide local Indigenous youth aged 15 – 18, with an opportunity to learn about local businesses and gain skills that will prepare them to enter into the workforce. Throughout the program, participants attend workshops in the mornings and on-site visits to local businesses in the afternoons.

    Our main goals are to:

    • Give participants an opportunity to connect with local businesses to explore what employment with the businesses could look like
    • Provide participants with the tools and resources to support gaining employment
    • Help participants build connections to easily access employment opportunities
    • Get participants excited about entering the local workforce
  • The Youth Certification week combines life and employment skills with different certification programs that are dependent on identified client need for items such as First Aid, Food Safe, Babysitting, Superhost, WHMIS and more.


A team with experience

Our team members are experienced facilitators, teachers, professional coaches and mentors. With experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources, education, social work, mindfulness, business management and facilitation within Indigenous Communities across Canada.
Youth development
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More Programs

Bungalow 968 offers a range of long form and short form programs and workshops designed to empower Indigenous Communities across Canada.