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Holiday 2016 Lookbook

I absolutely love the Holidays.

Shortly after Halloween the Christmas music is on, I’m putting up our outdoor lights and planning our Holiday feast. I love the magic, creating lovely décor and gifts, but mostly it's the gathering together of family and friends to celebrate is what I look forward to the most. We have many family traditions, one of which is creating and making things together. Whether it’s handmade gifts, baked goodies, a wreath or items to be sold at the school craft fair, we love gathering together to make something special to give to others and share in the spirit of the Holidays.

We hope that you are just as excited about the Holidays as we are, but if you’re not, we’ve got more than a few events & workshops to get you inspired to create. We continue to expand our offering of workshops and pop-up shops and have so much more in store. We are truly inspired by the many creative people we are surrounded by and have the pleasure of collaborating with.

- Meg

Fall 2016 Lookbook

There’s just something about fall. It’s always been the season I look forward to most, maybe it’s the crisp leaves, cool early mornings and getting cozy at home. There’s something about the turning of the leaves that, to me, feels like one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning.

This fall, that new chapter for me is about creativity, collaboration and community. My wish is to provide an inspiring environment where connection and creativity flows, and our community of Squamish creatives continues to grow. The Bungalow 968 space is a place for creatives, artists & makers to gather, showcase their goods and share their skills with others through our offering of workshops. You’ll see there are changes to our workshop formatting, online booking, not to mention our creative space at our shop, all to make way for new collaborations. All workshops are ready for booking at

I’m thrilled to welcome all of you into this new chapter with me. I hope to see you in the shop soon or at a workshop, connecting while creating something you love.

- Meg