Our consulting services work closely with your organization’s unique set of needs, providing customized tools and creative support that is specific to you and your business.

bungalow 968 services consulting and advising

Business Consulting & Advising - Creative ongoing support for you and your unique business needs.

Every business is different, we work directly with you one:one to assess where you and your business are at and create a specific plan that fits with your exact needs. We assess your overall picture, re-aligning capacity through visioning, evaluation and strategic planning and by creating an execution plan for you to make things happen. We build in accountability to ensure that you are on track and moving forward with your goals.  We infuse personal development into our entrepreneurial practises and programs, encouraging the shaping of a success-based mindset to increase overall confidence in business and life.

We start things off with a complimentary 20 minute discovery call where you fill us in on where you are at, what’s happening with your business, what the challenges are and we get to know each other a bit to ensure things are a good fit before we proceed.

Training Program Design and Curriculum Development – We create programs that are engaging, user friendly and efficient.

Our design ensures all programs are accessible and motivating, incorporating real-world examples, plain language writing, and creative delivery strategies to ensure high levels of engagement. We deliver end to end learning program content and materials that are aligned with your organization’s culture and brand.

Bungalow 968 training program design and curriculum development

bungalow 968 services facilitation

Facilitation – Motivating, captivating and connecting with audiences.

Our facilitators are experienced facilitators, teachers, professional coaches and business professionals with experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources, education, social work, business management, professional coaching, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and Indigenous awareness.

Some of the programs we facilitate include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Professional development
  • Employment Training
  • Workshops
  • Customized Training unique to your organization

Strategic Planning - A day dedicated to you and your team to plan your upcoming year

Our strategic planning private sessions are booked exclusively for one business per session. The session will focus on determining the direction of your business for upcoming year. These sessions are for entrepreneurs, small business owners and those needing clear direction and organization for their business.

Over 1 - day, we will guide you step-by-step through the planning process for your business for the next year where you will:

  • clarify your values and mission
  • identify your yearly vision and priority areas of focus
  • set financial targets
  • review past successes and challenges
  • outline great big dreams
  • outline key objectives
  • establish key performance indicators
  • set revenue targets and financial projections
  • clarify your audience
  • target your value delivery methods
  • identify the personal elements required for business success

We use our carefully crafted tools to help you identify what is most important for you to action in the coming year. We break those items down into manageable execution steps and assign steps to you and specific members of your team. You can expect to walk away from this workshop with a solid and clear idea of where your business is going for the year.

You will feel organized and confident as you enter into a new year with a unique roadmap that is specific to you and your business goals.

After your session, you will be provided with a PDF summary outlining your strategic plan for the year.

Meg worked with our Nation to create a successful, comprehensive training program that fit our needs and had excellent results for our members as well as the local labour market needs. She is a compassionate and energetic facilitator, with a well-balanced style that fit our clientele perfectly.
Melanie Williams, Economic Development and Employment Coordinator, Lil'wat Nation
Meg has a strong business sense and intuitive, thoughtful leadership style. Her strategic and business background continually emerges to provide balance, validation and thoughtful planning to our project. Meg is a fire starter, any team or project with her onboard will be better for it.
Naomi Dunaway – Cutting Barriers Employment & Training Association
I've been a part of numerous strategic planning sessions and know a skilled facilitator when I work with one, Megan is one of the best. Not only is she incredibly organized, researched and prepared, she is flexible and able to quickly pivot depending on the needs of the room. Her approach is structured, yet full of curiosity. Megan provided clear direction, asked hard questions to draw out our best answers, and supported our team the entire way through. We left our strategic planning session knowing we had a way forward with our newly identified initiatives and were better connected as a team for the experience.
Kirsten Andrews, Squamish Constellation Festival
Megan provided excellent leadership and provided a one-window approach for dealings with the Facilities Unit. She sought feedback on performance regularly; relayed concerns effectively and brought clarification to contract interpretation.
Rob Swainson, Facilities Unit Leader, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Meg is a truly inspiring, amazing and supportive teacher who has helped me find success in many ways. I received so much value from working with Meg, she did so much more than just take the time to teach, she helped with on-going advice and support well after the program.
Psil Bikadi, Ts’zil Learning Centre Student