Online Programs for Entrepreneurs


Creating-Mindfulness-PracticesCreating New Habits for Your Morning Routine

Mindful Mornings provides you with easy to use tools and strategies that will help you create a habitual morning routine that will make your mornings brighter, peaceful and purposeful.

Are you starting your days off feeling calm and organized, ready to take on all that comes your way? Or is it feeling more harried and unfocused? Are you grabbing your phone the minute you wake up and starting each day with the onslaught of emails and to do’s right from your bed? Not to mention that all important Facebook notification that you can't do without. You feel like things are out of alignment, you want to create new habits, but where do you start?

Join us for Mindful Mornings where you will be provided easy to use tools and strategies that will help you create a habitual morning routine that will make your mornings brighter, peaceful and purposeful.

'For more than a year, I have attempted to avoid my phone as soon as I wake up. No matter my evening intentions, this always failed. As soon as I had accountability with this progam, I was able to maintain a mindful morning practise (and continue to do so!) It has helped me profess and understand many emotional experiences. Beyond not looking at my phone, I'm fully into journalling again, and I am finally stretching every day!'
'The Bungalow 968 Mindful Mornings program has provided a simple and lovely structure from which to start each day.  Although I had a morning meditation practice, I had been wanting to journal more and the daily prompts and daily inspiration has provided the perfect framework to do so; I love how the pen just starts to write once I begin. Thanks for this program!'


Business-PlanningIt's your time to have a solid, organized and strategic roadmap for your business

Our strategic planning group sessions offer small business assistance to help you focus on determining the direction of your business for upcoming year. These sessions are for entrepreneurs, small business owners and those needing clear direction and organization for their business.

We use our carefully crafted tools to help you identify what is most important for you to action in the coming year and we break those items down into manageable execution steps. You can expect to walk away from this workshop with a solid and clear plan for your year, broken down into monthly actionable steps. You will feel organized and confident as you enter into a new year with a unique roadmap that is specific to you and your business goals.

Over 4 online sessions, we will guide you step-by-step through the planning process for your business for 2021 where you will:

  • clarify your values and mission
  • identify your yearly vision and priority areas of focus
  • set financial targets
  • review past successes and challenges
  • outline great big dreams
  • outline key objectives
  • establish key performance indicators
  • identify the personal elements required for business success

You will use a combination of visual aides, worksheets, workbooks and spreadsheets. There will be no homework in-between sessions, the intent is for you to utilize each session of the workshop as your dedicated time to create your plan for the year.

Following the group sessions are two - 30 minute, one:one sessions with Meg to answer any specific questions you have about your plan and to assist in accountability as you work through your year.

Strategic planning clients receive a 15% discount on Advising Service Packages booked within 1 year of the Strategic Planning Workshop

Workshop pre-requisite:

Business-PlanRequired materials

  • 2 x poster boards
  • 4 different colors of 4”x4” sticky notes
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • A laptop or desktop with MS Excel or Apple Numbers
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom app downloaded to your device

'Meg’s strategic planning process set the foundation and gave me peace of mind, clear vision, and confidence in achieving my business goals. I appreciated Meg’s business acumen and guidance to explore new ideas that would streamline my systems that would save me time and improve my bottom line.  I continue to use these tools as part of my planning. I highly recommend this service for any new entrepreneurs starting out or business that is looking for a roadmap to success.'
'I've been a part of numerous strategic planning sessions and know a skilled facilitator when I work with one, Megan is one of the best. Not only is she incredibly organized, researched and prepared, she is flexible and able to quickly pivot depending on the needs of the room. Her approach is structured, yet full of curiosity. Megan provided clear direction, asked hard questions to draw out our best answers, and supported our team the entire way through. We left our strategic planning session knowing we had a way forward with our newly identified initiatives and were better connected as a team for the experience.’



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