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We take a holistic approach to our programming, recognizing the unique spiritual, emotional, behavioral, physical and mental components required for program success. Our materials are user friendly and speak in easy to understand terms that work for every learning environment and skill level. We deliver our training through a variety of mediums to maximize retention of the concepts delivered and in a way that is cognizant of diverse learning capabilities and styles.

The overall benefits you can expect from our programs are increased confidence and productivity, strengthened communication skills, a collaborative workforce, positive business brand reputation and enhanced workplace safety.

Our Programs

Workforce Accommodation and Culinary Training
Engaged Employee Program
Culinary Career Training
Foundations of Leadership
Creative Entrepreneur Program
Boss Lady Business Group
Post Program Mentorship
COVID 19 Workplace Safety

Workforce Accommodation & Culinary Training

Provides the specific and relevant knowledge and skills required for employment in entry and intermediate level positions within remote workforce camps that serve industry sectors such as construction, technology, oil and gas, mining, power, engineering, military and government.

Our inclusive program endeavors to support long-term, employment success by assisting remote workforce accommodation employers in the development of their workforce by aligning with their needs to provide them with employees that are prepared, knowledgeable and engaged.

Our program focuses on providing participants with industry specific information and skills that can be applied to positions in catering and housekeeping roles within remote workforce accommodation camps. Participants will learn how to prepare to work in the remote locations, gain hands-on, specific experience in foodservice and custodial roles, as well as gaining soft skills that build the confidence required to step into these positions.

The program enables students to gain knowledge and comprehension of how workforce accommodation camps operate, the types of roles in remote camps and what is required to prepare for remote workforce accommodation of employment.

Culinary Training

Engaged Employee Program

Engaged Employee Training

This program supports long term, local employment success by building confidence and empowering employees who are the face of your organization. This program is relevant to a broad range of industries and supports both young workers and those re-entering the workforce in customer service-based roles.

Our goal is to deliver training that embodies your organizations culture and provides skills that can be used across multiple customer facing business segments.

Our training focuses on strengthening authentic workplace connection through communication, teamwork development and conflict resolution strategies designed to increase productivity and create a collaborative workplace culture, all while delivering exceptional customer service.

The program is transformative for current employees and organizations and helps respond to current and future labor market conditions or requirements.

Culinary Career Training

The Culinary Career Training Program provides students with an introduction to basic and practical culinary skills and the opportunity to explore the different avenues for furthering their career in the culinary field.

Our training focuses on delivering essential, basic culinary skills, knowledge and tools that are beneficial to individuals looking to pursue a career or further education in the culinary field. The program provides participants with an opportunity to explore current job openings, culinary schooling options and maps out a medium-term plan based on the student’s individual circumstances and preferences.

Participants will explore the different opportunities available to further their education and increase their capacity to grow a long-term career in the culinary industry.

We will engage the students in both practical classroom theory of essential cooking skills and terminology and provide the opportunity for the students to apply their new knowledge in a practical kitchen environment.

Culinary Career Training

Foundations of Leadership

This program provides participants with the opportunity to develop or further enhance their leadership skills.

Our training focuses on supporting participants to increase their leadership and management capacity by first guiding participants through self-exploration, self-assessment and self-awareness to gain specific personal insight about one’s existing levels of emotional intelligence, preferences, conflict styles and interpersonal approaches.

We will apply that acquired knowledge and insight about self to the specific tools and practices required for effective Leadership, geared towards creating constructive workplace relationships and increasing one’s productivity as a collaborative leader.

Creative Entrepreneur Program

This program supports long term, local entrepreneurial growth by providing a framework, support and tools for new and emerging entrepreneurs in the creative space.

Our training will focus on providing practical skills, knowledge and easy to use tools that will ensure new and emerging entrepreneurs build solid foundations for their businesses that will assist them in selling handmade goods, wares, art and services. We will cover how to register a business, create business specific values and mission, develop product descriptions and pricing, create financial projections, market products, identify an ideal market and create a competitive analysis.

We will review how personal development plays a role in business success and provide techniques to develop a success-based mindset and increase overall confidence and business viability.

Creative Entrepreneur Program

Boss Lady Business Group

Boss Lady Business Group

This year-long program provides female entrepreneurs and small business owners with guidance, resources and tools to support their business growth.

The goal of the program is to empower female business owners as they create a solid plan with specific action items to further develop and grow their business, all while being supported with an accountability framework and the guidance of seasoned business professionals. We will cover strategic planning, revenue projections and targets, product pricing, lead generation and marketing.

Our program interweaves the importance of personal development and mindfulness in business, providing techniques to develop a success-based mindset and increase overall confidence as an empowered female business owner.

Our training is delivered through a balance of online group advising, one:one coaching sessions and guest speakers, providing participants with the opportunity to develop a strategy for overall business growth based on their businesses unique and specific needs.

Post Program Mentorship

We believe that establishing and maintaining mentor and mentee relationships best supports the overall success outcomes of our Programs. Mentors are able to reinforce, reaffirm and support our learners and create long-term success through accountability, motivation, guidance, knowledge, emotional support and access to resources.

Mentors will connect to post-program participants to assist in monitoring and encouraging the application of the skills gained during the program, as well as goal setting, accountability, ongoing career exploration and outside guidance for new challenges that arise post program. Post Program Mentoring is an option available to all programs.

Post Program Entrepreneurship

COVID 19 Workplace Safety


In response to the global pandemic, our COVID 19 training provides employers and employees a with an overview of how to practice safe social distancing in the workplace while ensuring employers are meeting the minimum standards to maintain worker health and safety.

We are closely following the guidelines and recommendations set out by Health Canada, WorksafeBC, the BC Centre for Disease Control and our Public Health Officials to continually adjust our program with the most current and up to date recommendations.

Our approach is two-fold, to first support the employers in identifying each organization’s specific tasks and conditions that may increase their employee’s risk of exposure and creating guidelines for control measures and communication tools to help share the information with their employees.

Secondly, we provide training for your employees based on your organization’s specific guidelines, as well as providing an in depth overview of all public recommendations for safe social distancing.

Material Customization

We can work directly with you to customize our materials to incorporate your organizations specific policies, procedures, branding and feel. Partner with us to customize your training program unique to your organization. Integrated cohesive messaging.

Material Customization

WorkBC Grant

Learn more about how the B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) works and how you may be eligible to receive grant funding for up to 100%* of your training program fees.

WorkBC Grant

Meg worked with our Nation to create a successful, comprehensive training program that fit our needs and had excellent results for our members as well as the local labour market needs. She is a compassionate and energetic facilitator, with a well-balanced style that fit our clientele perfectly.
Melanie Williams, Economic Development and Employment Coordinator, Lil'wat Nation
Meg has a strong business sense and intuitive, thoughtful leadership style. Her strategic and business background continually emerges to provide balance, validation and thoughtful planning to our project. Meg is a fire starter, any team or project with her onboard will be better for it.
Naomi Dunaway – Cutting Barriers Employment & Training Association
I've been a part of numerous strategic planning sessions and know a skilled facilitator when I work with one, Megan is one of the best. Not only is she incredibly organized, researched and prepared, she is flexible and able to quickly pivot depending on the needs of the room. Her approach is structured, yet full of curiosity. Megan provided clear direction, asked hard questions to draw out our best answers, and supported our team the entire way through. We left our strategic planning session knowing we had a way forward with our newly identified initiatives and were better connected as a team for the experience.
Kirsten Andrews, Squamish Constellation Festival
Megan provided excellent leadership and provided a one-window approach for dealings with the Facilities Unit. She sought feedback on performance regularly; relayed concerns effectively and brought clarification to contract interpretation.
Rob Swainson, Facilities Unit Leader, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Meg is a truly inspiring, amazing and supportive teacher who has helped me find success in many ways. I received so much value from working with Meg, she did so much more than just take the time to teach, she helped with on-going advice and support well after the program.
Psil Bikadi, Ts’zil Learning Centre Student